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Disc Bulges and Herniation

Dr. Stackwood’s extensive experience with and knowledge of how to treat disc bulges and herniation comes from nearly 30 years in practice. He has taken several postgraduate courses in treating these conditions and in expertly reading MRIs, bloodwork and other forms of testing. We treat each patient as an individual, giving them the solutions that work best for their particular condition.

The options we offer to patients experiencing disc bulges and herniation include

  • Gentle chiropractic care
  • SpineMed® spinal decompression table
  • Traction

We use a varied number of the most modern, cutting-edge treatments to handle disc problems without the use of drugs and surgery. Dr. Stackwood brings a caring, personal approach to your health care, treating you like a member of our family.

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Getting Started With Your Visit

If you have any medical records, MRIs or bloodwork, we ask that provide us with them before your first appointment so that Dr. Stackwood has ample time to go over them. When you arrive, our friendly, courteous staff is ready to answer your questions before you meet Dr. Stackwood.

We take a complete health history and do a comprehensive examination to understand your specific condition. Any other diagnostic tests are done on an as-needed basis. The thorough examination process allows us to know exactly which treatment options suit you best.

Superior Options for Disc Healing

Spinal decompression can be done manually or mechanically. In both cases, disc pressure is reduced to allow your disc to receive the nutrients it needs to heal. A comfortable table helps you enjoy this relaxing treatment.

Mechanical traction is performed with a computer that has motorized controls to determine the force and angle of disc distraction. It is done through a series of 15 one-minute cycles, alternating decompression and relaxation with a total treatment time of 30 minutes.

Manual traction allows us to change the angle and degree immediately depending on your response.

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