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Exercises You Can Do at Home

It is best to read and watch the exercises below and then consult with me about which are best for you and your particular condition. It is important to not to do any that give you pain. Don’t work through pain. Don’t do all the exercises the first time. Some, you should never do.

Pilates Exercises

The Pilates exercises shown on the links below have pictures and videos.

It is best to warm up by doing the Pilates Warm Up Set shown here.

Beginning Exercises
Pilates Beginner Exercise Routine

First Ten Classic
First Ten Classic Pilates Moves

Floor and Resistance Band Exercises

Floor Exercises
The following links are for floor exercises you can do at home with no equipment.

Five Bodyweight Exercises You May Be Doing Wrong and How to Fix Them

Resistance Band Training
Thera-Band Resistance Band and Tubing Instruction Manual

Leg Exercises

Step 1 — Low impact cardio warm up;  walk, elliptical, stationary bike

Step 2 — Resistance (start with short range of motion)- quads, hamstrings, abductors, adductors both 2a) knee bent- leg curls prone or seated, seated leg extensions, seated ab and adductors, 2b) knee straight- multi hip-see link

You can also do the resistance with Velcro ankle weights or bands.

Step 3 — Foam roll all four sides of the leg muscles. You can do this the standard way on the floor or you can use the multi hip machine as the foam roller.

Step 4 — Stretch all four sides of the leg muscles.

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